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Tourist attractions near Poznan

The region of Poznan features many charming places worth discovering. If you have an opportunity to explore the province of Wielkopolska, we can give you some useful hints where to go and what to see. You will have a chance to visit the cradle of the Polish State, numerous historical [...]

Fountains in the Old Market Square

What is unique about Poznan's Old Market is the abundance of fountains. The most famous one is Proserpine's Fountain situated in front of the Town Hall. This rococo fountain, erected in 1776 by Augustine Schöps, depicts the abduction of Proserpine by Pluto, the Greek mythology ruler of the underworld. This outstanding [...]

Picturesque Merchants' Houses of Old Town Market

Merchants' Houses, whose picturesque facades are often portrayed by local artists on the photos and paintings of Poznan, are among top tourist attractions of the city. Situated to the left of the Town Hall, they are a unique example of the medieval terraced commercial architecture. Originally, they were wooden stalls designed [...]

Burgher Houses and Palaces Around Old Market Square

What distinguishes the Old Market Square from other parts of the city is its abundance of architectural styles of the buildings surrounding the Town Hall – the city's centrepiece. The whole Market Square is lined up with the burgher houses, dating from the 14th - 15th centuries, formerly owned by the [...]

Old Town Market Square and Its Representative Town Hall

The Old Town Market Square with its Town Hall, fountains and burgher houses is one of the most charming places in Poznan. The whole area abounds in historical sights which are certainly worth seeing while touring the city. The Old Town Market Square – Present and Past  The Old Town Market [...]

Castles of Poznan

Of all the historical sights of Poznan, two castles are among the city's major attractions. Both are worth seeing while touring Poznan. Imperial Castle The monumental building full of towers and spires, dating from 1904 - 1910, was built for German Emperor Wilhelm II as his residence. The designer was Franz [...]

Church of St. Stanislaus the Bishop - Pearl of Baroque Architecture

Of all the numerous churches of Poznan, the Church of St. Stanislaus the Bishop, often referred to as the Parish Church, is worth seeing. It is mostly renowned as one of the most exquisite examples of Baroque in Polish architecture. It is also one of the largest churches in Poland. Brief [...]

Sighseeing Ostrow Tumski - Cradle of Poznan

Ostrow Tumski, the only island on the Warta River in Poznan, is the oldest part of the city. The origins of Poznan and the state of Poland are closely associated with this site. It is here that the first pre-Piast stronghold was established in the 8th or 9th centuries. The first [...]

Nature Reserves of Greater Poland

Apart from the numerous parks of Poznan and the lakes of Greater Poland, it is a good idea to see two of the most famous nature reserves situated close to Poznan. Both are perfect sites for having a nice stroll or a rest. Morasko Meteorite Nature ReserveMorasko Meteorite Nature Reserve is [...]

Poznan - City of Parks

Poznan can be referred to as a green city as green spaces constitute about three-quarters of the city area. The majority of them are the parks. There are as many as 44 of them occupying the area of approximately 443 ha. The Citadel Park – the largest park rich in attractions [...]

Things to do in Poznan

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Map of Poznan

Map of Poznan

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