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Poznan weather and average temperature

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Poland's climate is influenced by a continental climate from the east and a maritime climate from the west. As the result the weather is changeable, with significant differences from day to day. Winter one year can be almost without snow, whereas another year heavy snows can paralyse transport for days. Summer is usually warm and sunny but occasionally it can be cold, wet and disappointing. The latter, however, does not refer to Poznan as there is always plenty to do regardless the weather.
Average temperature in Poznan
Average high
Average low
0.0° C / 31.8° F
-7.0° C / 19.9° F
2.0° C / 35.8° F
-5.0° C / 23.4° F
7.0° C / 44.8° F
-1.0° C / 29.7° F
14.0° C / 56.3° F
3.0° C / 37.4° F
19.0° C / 65.7° F
8.0° C / 45.7° F
22.0° C / 70.9° F
11.0° C / 51.4° F
23.0° C / 73.4° F
12.0° C / 54.0° F
23.0° C / 73.0° F
12.0° C / 53.2° F
19.0° C / 65.8° F
9.0° C / 47.5° F
14.0° C / 56.8° F
4.0° C / 39.6° F
7.0° C / 44.2° F
0.0° C / 32.4° F
2.0° C / 35.2° F
-4.0° C / 24.8° F
The seasons are clearly differentiated. Spring starts in March and is initially cold and windy, later becoming pleasantly warm and often very sunny. Summer, which begins in June, is predominantly warm but hot at times (with temperature reaching as high as 35-40C at least once per year), with plenty of sunshine interlaced with heavy rains. July and August are the hottest months. Autumn comes in September and is at first warm and usually sunny, turning cold, damp and foggy in November. Winter lasts from December to March and includes shorter or longer period of snow. January and February are the coldest months with the temperature sometimes dropping as low as -15C.
The average annual rainfall in Poznan is around 600mm, with the greatest falls in the summer months (especially July).

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