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Selected Higher Education Institutions

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Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan
Selected faculties: biology, biotechnology, chemistry, physics, geology, information technology, materials engineering, mathematics, environment protection, political science, law, psychology, sociology, business and marketing.
Technical University of Poznan
Selected faculties: automatics and robotics, electronics and telecommunication, electrical engineering, technical physics, information technology, materials engineering, environmental engineering, mathematics, mechanics and machine construction, chemical technology, production management and engineering.
Academy of Economics
Selected faculties: economics, finance and banking, spatial management, information technology and econometrics, business and marketing.
August Cieszkowski Academy of Agriculture
Selected faculties: biology, biotechnology, economics, environmental engineering, forestry, environment protection, agriculture, agricultural and forestry technology, timber technology, animal husbandry.
University of Management and Banking in Poznan
Selected faculties: management and marketing
Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan
Selected faculties; graphic design, architecture and urban architecture, interior design
University of Trade and Services
Selected faculties: IT and econometry, management and marketing
College of Communications and Management
Selected faculties: economy, management and marketing, IT sciences, sociology

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