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Fountains in the Old Market Square

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What is unique about Poznan's Old Market is the abundance of fountains. The most famous one is Proserpine's Fountain situated in front of the Town Hall. This rococo fountain, erected in 1776 by Augustine Schöps, depicts the abduction of Proserpine by Pluto, the Greek mythology ruler of the underworld. This outstanding piece of scultpure is located on the site of one of four city wells which used to be situated in the original market square.

Poznan fountainsReconstructed in the 1990's, Proserpine's Fountain can be admired in its full splendour now. The city plans to reconstruct all of the historical fountains. So far Apollo's and Neptune's Fountains have been veiled in the south-western part of the Old Town Market Square.

There is one more fountain in the Old Market area. This one, called the Bamberka, is closely associated with the 18th-century history of Poznan. It is then that poor Catholic farmers from the district of Bamberg (in Bavaria, Germany) were invited to come and settle in the villages deserted after the 1700-1721 Northern War and a plague. Those who came, called ''bambers'', quickly assimilated into the local community. The Bamberka drinking fountain, erected in 1915, was funded by the Goldenring merchant family specialising in the wine trade. It depicts a woman clad in traditional Bamberg clothes who is carrying two buckets full of wine on a pole across the shoulders. The Poznan Bambry Associaton still cultivates the traditions of the Bambergers.

One of the opportunities of learning more about them is attending the Bamberg Festival in August. Since 2003 one can visit the Museum of Poznan Bambergers in Poznan, the only one of this kind in Poland.

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