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Parking Zones in Poznan

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Parking rules

Park your car in the car parks. Otherwise, your car may be towed away to a police car park or it can be wheel-clamped. You might also find a parking ticket under the windscreen wiper for parking with no valid parking pass.
All over the city there are pay parking zones (Strefy Platnego Parkowania, SPP for short) marked with D-44 signs. Except for public transport and privileged vehicles, one is obliged to pay for parking their car in the SPP zones from Monday till Friday (from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m.). One needs to get a parking permit (a chip card) or buy a parking pass in the parking meter. If one does not pay for parking within the SPP zones, the car may be wheel-clamped.

Parking Zones

There are three paid parking subzones: A, B and C. Each is marked with a different colour: A – red, B – yellow and C – green. The rates differ. As far as the A subzone is concerned, the minimum fare is PLN 0.70, for the first hour – PLN 3.00, for the 2nd hour – PLN 3.60, for the 3rd hour – PLN 4.30, the 4th hour and more – PLN 3.00. The B subzone is a bit cheaper: the minimum fare is PLN 0.60, for the first hour – PLN 2.70, for the 2nd hour – PLN 3.20, for the 3rd hour – PLN 3.60, the 4th hour and more – PLN 2.70. As for the C subzone, the minimum fare is PLN 0.20, whereas the fare is PLN 1.00 per hour.

The parking vending machines (the automated machines) and kiosks sell parking passes. Having purchased the pass, display the parking receipt on the dashboard so that the ticket wardens can see it while inspecting the car park.

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Map of Poznan

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