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Getting Around Poznan by Bus

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During the last few years the number of cars in Poznan has increased considerably. Consequently, the streets become jammed during the peak hours. At that time of the day the best way of moving around the city is going on foot, using public transport (especially a tram) or going by bike.

For tourists sightseeing the Old Town and its environs, it is advisable to walk as major monuments are situated within a walking distance. As for the attractions situated further from the centre, it is advisable to use public transport.

By bus

Poznan bus transportPublic buses offer quite frequent transport services not only in the centre of Poznan but in its districts as well. There are as many as 52 daily bus lines. Their routes can be distinguished by their numbers. The regular daily buses are numbered from 47 to 99, whereas the 21 night buses are numbered from 231 to 252.

There are also two express bus lines on offer: ''A'' bus, which goes from Osiedle Kopernika (Kopernika Housing Estate) to Centrum M1, and ''L'' bus, which goes from Dworzec Glowny PKP (PKP Main Railway Station) to Lotnisko Lawica (Poznan Airport). The city outskirts are served by four buses whose numbers start with 1XX. There is also one seasonal line marked with ''P''.

As for the regular daily buses, they run frequently from 5 a.m. till 11 p.m. The night buses run from 11 p.m. till 5 a.m.

Each bus stop displays the routes, the timetables and the duration of the journey from one stop to another. Frequency varies depending on the time of day (more frequent during the rush hours) and the day of the week (less frequent at weekends, during summer and public holidays).

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Map of Poznan

Map of Poznan

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